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Visits can be used for evaluation/treatment of minor medical conditions not requiring hands-on exams, and also includes appropriate medication refills, lab/imaging orders, and referrals as indicated.


Our providers are licensed medical professionals and we use a state-of-the-art and HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records system. Your information and your visit will be secure and private. 

Subscription Plans & Pricing

We offer monthly and yearly plans, with unlimited telehealth visits.​ Please review our Pricing & Plans details for more information.

If you are interested in joining:

  1. Review the Terms & Conditions and FAQs.

  2. Click on the "Begin Subscription" button to submit your request to subscribe, and submit payment via Stripe.

  3. Upon being accepted, you'll receive an email with instructions to enroll in the Kareo Patient Portal.

  4. Once you have access to the Kareo patient portal, you will be able to securely message with our providers and submit requests for video visits, labs, medications, etc. 

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